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Sand Artist -Manisha Swarnkar
Manisha Swarnkar

Best Sand Artist In India

Manisha Swarnkar, a former student of engineering, took the unprecedented path of stepping into the world of art after a flash of inspiration. Equipped with a basic skill set from her knowledge of traditional rangoli and endless determination, she set out to live her dreams. Years later, and after obtaining a distinguished degree of Master of Design from the prestigious Industrial Design Center (IDC) at IIT Bombay, she still carries the spirit of challenge and passion with which she set out.

Best Sand Artist in India

Manisha Swarnkar is one of the most accomplished famous sand artist in India and an Alumna of IDC, IIT Bombay. She is performing sand art since 2011 and considered to be the first Female Sand artist India.

She has received international recognition from her involvement in award-winning music videos and her sand art films won international awards.

She has been on TV Shows and bestowed the honor of talking for TedX. Manisha's sand art tells an entire story as she makes magic out of those tiny grains.

Manisha has worked for many shows for corporate as well as Individuals both Nationally and Internationally also woks for innovative wedding invitation.

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